About Us

Iconomy Holdings Pte Ltd (IHPL) is an investment company with a heritage of commercial printing and publication production. Established since 2008, IHPL has expanded its capabilities into multimedia production, web development and content distribution. Since 2016, IHPL has restructured and streamlined its business focus from offering commercial products and services, to the role of a resource centre in providing financing and business support for associated companies and selected clients. Today, IHPL holds a portfolio of businesses that span across property management, corporate finance advisory, property technology, real estate investment, and publishing.


Years of Track Records

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Virtues • Loyalty • Moral • Wisdom • Integrity

Our Corporate Values are established based on the

“Five Principles of Life”(五常)in Confucianism, namely

Virtue(仁)• Loyalty(义)• Moral(礼)• Wisdom(智)• Integrity(信)

It is our founders’ belief that these values that have been

passed down for thousands of years are essential

in creating an enterprise that is capable of

transcending through generations.

Our Portfolio

Property Technology

Printing and Publishing

Property Management

Events Management

Property Investment

Corporate Advisory

Our Resources

• Early Stage Funding

• Incubator and Accelerator

• Debt Financing

• Business Angel

• Co-Investment Programme

• Board Governance

• Strategic Advisory

• Mentorship

• Public Relations

• Events Management

• Campaign Management

• Design and Conceptualisation

• Multimedia Production

• Publication Production

• Web Development

• Sales Channel Sourcing and Distribution

• Investors Relations

• Content Distribution

Startup Accelerator

Have an innovative business idea?

We are constantly on a look-out for interesting and innovative projects.

Tap on our resources to accelerate and scale your startup through the 5 support-areas that we cater.

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