Press Release (Reuters): Startups and Businesses in Singapore and Malaysia Can Now List on the US OTC Markets


Reuters, April 11, 2018 – Singapore based corporate finance advisory firm, Iconomy Corporate Consultancy Pte Ltd (“Iconomy”) is the issue manager of choice for startups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Its Singaporean founder, Ms Clarie Chan, an iconic regional corporate finance expert, has since transacted

IPO transactions with market capitalisations of over a hundred million US dollars. Iconomy has since formed collaborative alliance with Fintech startups such as Smartbank Pte Ltd and Public Relations firm, Iconomy Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., in providing services that fulfills a multitude of development needs of its clients. Instead of focusing on its clients’ capital raising needs alone, Iconomy also provides public relations, investors relations and other financing and marketing solutions for its clients.

Targeting on a niche market segment comprises of mainly startups and SMEs, Iconomy’s ‘Enterprisation’ model serves as a shortcut for uplifting small and medium businesses to become large enterprises through using different capital markets as platforms. The proprietary ‘Enterprisation’ model co-developed by Ms Chan is an all rounded business development model that focuses on five aspects of corporate developments, namely human capital development, corporate structure development, operation systems development, brand development, and financial development. This model ensures sustainability and growth for its clients, maximizing the benefits of IPO and public listing.

“We have in-house legal experts, auditors, and analysts, who ensures our clients’ rights and interests are well taken cared. We always consider the long term interests of both our clients and investors, as we understand that going public takes a lot of commitments, responsibilities and resilience on the part of the participants.” said Ms Chan, when introducing about the company’s operations “Our strong connections with investors and fund houses across regions at the same time streamlined our client’s access to funds. On the investors relations (IR) frontier, our alliance’s connections with key media personnel, social media influencers, politicians, and high ranking government officials provides convenience to our client’s relationship and communications processes with both the public and investors.” she added.

The founder is one of the first pioneers in developing the IPO model incorporating the US OTC Capital Markets to Singaporean, Malaysian and other South-East Asian businesses. Besides the OTC Markets of the US, Ms Chan also has exposures in NASDAQ Capital Market, and HKEX GEM Board of the Hong Kong Exchange.

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